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What is Sjögren's Study

The study is for participants with moderate to severe Sjogren’s to take a medicine to evaluate the effect on symptoms with the goal of relieving dryness and to reduce tender and swollen joints.

Inclusion criteria includes adults over 18 years of age with diagnosis of Sjogren’s. Must be vaccinated against Covid 19 and be negative for Tuberculosis.

Exclusion Criteria includes history of deep vein thrombosis. Polymyositis, systemic sclerosis or dermatomyositis. If you are pregnant or lactating, have a history of Hepatitis B or C, have had previous treatment with biologic B Cell depleting therapy within the last 12 months or are on antimalarials, methotrexate, azathioprine, DMARD’s, immunosuppressant or antiproliferative agents, this study may not work for you.

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Benefits of Sjögren's Syndrome Study

Research studies provide an opportunity to enhance the understanding of Sjögren’s syndrome, including its causes, underlying mechanisms, and disease progression. By participating in the study, individuals contribute valuable data that can help researchers gain insights into the disease, leading to more accurate diagnoses, improved treatments, and better management strategies.

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Illuminate the Path to Better Health: Join Bradenton Research’s Sjögren’s syndrome study to illuminate the path towards better health. Your participation fuels progress, leading to a deeper understanding of the condition and unlocking new possibilities for improved symptom management and quality of life.


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