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Relapsing MS: Do We Have A Research Study That’s Right For You?

People with Multiple Sclerosis can experience a variety of symptoms, including problems with vision, bladder control, arm or leg movement, sensation, or balance. Research has proven that heat and humidity can often aggravate common symptoms of MS, and that cooling the body can help lessen these negative effects.


We all know that living in the sunshine state, it’s hard to avoid this heat and humidity. Heat generally produces only temporary worsening of symptoms. It does not cause demyelination or damage to the nerves themselves. However, high temperatures could trigger a relapse.


Relapsing MS is characterized by attacks, also called relapses, meaning new or worsening of symptoms lasting for at least 24 hours, before full or partial recovery. Living with MS is difficult enough, without having to worry about these relapses.


How Are You Managing Your MS?

In Multiple Sclerosis, the body’s immune system attacks and damages the protective covering (called myelin) around the nerves in the central nervous system. People with relapsing MS, relapsing-remitting MS or secondary progressive MS with relapses, will have repeated attacks, or these “relapses.”


The purpose of this study is to find out if patients who have not had a relapse in the past year would benefit from switching to ofatumumab compared to continuing their current MS treatment. This study will also find out if having an elevated Neurofilament light (NfL) level can predict a greater benefit from switching to ofatumumab compared to continuing current treatment. NfL is a biomarker that may be an indicator of damage in a wide variety of neurological disorders.


If you or someone you know has MS, then please consider contacting us today. A study doctor will assess your/their eligibility for the study. Approximately 150 people with relapsing-remitting MS between the ages of 18 and 45 years will be able to join this study.


Meet our friends at MSAA, and learn more about how they’re helping the MS community.


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