PrecMed Multiple Sclerosis Study

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Multiple sclerosis has long been a mystery that deteriorates one’s health and quality of life. Our medical specialists are now exploring alternatives to treat the condition and manage symptoms through tests and clinical studies.

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What Is PrecMed Multiple Sclerosis Study?

This research study collects and evaluates biological samples such as blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid from persons with multiple sclerosis or clinically isolated syndrome (a potential initial episode of MS). These samples might provide genetic data, hints, and studies about the condition to better understand the factors that most impact how individuals react to medications. The different types of genes will affect not just how well patients respond to medications, but also any potential negative effects. It will be easier for doctors to distinguish the most likely effective medication for complex diseases like MS.

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Help Make an Impact on the Future of Medical Research

Future studies like our PrecMed MS Study help identify genetic markers for multiple sclerosis and establish new targets for medical research and drug development. Clinical trials provide many people with the hope and the chance to contribute to the future of healthcare. We understand the decision to take part in a clinical research trial as a personal one, and we look at our collaboration to discover new or better medical innovations and treatments to be of the highest priority. If you want to be part of this important study, simply contact us today.

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Why Participate in Our PrecMed MS Study?

Your health and safety are our top priorities. We focus on working as one team in pursuit of a common goal: to find the ideal answer for your unique medical needs using tomorrow’s medicine today. Whether you need to expand your clinical trial studies or want to participate in our studies, you are welcome to join us. 

If you participate in the study, you will visit our facility twice a year—every six months—for several years. You will get a spinal tap procedure, and we will evaluate your movement, coordination, memory, and thinking to look for symptoms of MS.  You are not required to continue the study once it has begun; you are free to leave the study at any time.

What Makes Our PrecMed MS Study Special?

In this genetic study and investigation, our medical professionals study the root cause of multiple sclerosis and use the findings for future investigations. We aim to greatly improve our understanding of the body’s response to MS medication and its side effects. Our friendly staff has the training and knowledge to meet your medical requirements. Whether you have an extended medical information service you require, clinic visits, or routine follow-ups, we follow strict guidelines and offer seamless patient care.

Professional Collaboration

Our medical experts work together to create impactful patient care solutions.

Highest Quality Standards

Our processes follow a consistent and reliable clinical trial evaluation.

Studies That Care for All

Our focus is to drive clinical studies into medicine development that cares for all.

Clinical Research Trials That Value Health

The goal of the PrecMed MS Study is to determine whether any variations in tests progress in reducing symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Participants receive free diagnostic tests and labs conducted by our board-certified doctor. By contributing important data to a research project, it will help us learn more about disease and medicine development. Participants are frequently paid for the time they spend taking part in the study; they will get $500 for the screening appointment as well as another $500 for each successfully completed six-month follow-up visit when tests are administered.

To learn more about this study, contact us today.


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