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At Bradenton Research Center, we only use the most advanced medical technology and trends to establish the best-fit-for-purpose multiple sclerosis (MS) studies. Our approach and initiatives have helped our clinical trials to produce study-based patient care solutions.

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What is SOSTOS MS Study

Repeated episodes are common in people with relapsing MS or secondary progressive MS with relapses. The goal of the SOSTOS study is to determine if individuals with MS who have not experienced a relapse in the previous year would benefit from switching to ofatumumab more than they would from continuing their current MS medication. This trial will also determine whether having a high level of Neurofilament Light (NfL) will predict when switching to ofatumumab will be more beneficial than the current therapy. NfL is a biomarker that could indicate damage in some different neurological disorders. This study will include about 150 participants with relapsing-remitting MS between ages 18 and 45.

Participate in our SOSTOS MS Study

From diagnosis to administering clinical trials, our medical professionals provide helpful insights and strategies for your studies. We pay close attention to details to create reliable assessments that provide effective medications tailored to your health needs. Contact us to be a part of our study.

Are You Eligible for the SOSTOS MS Study?

Ofatumumab has received FDA approval for treating multiple sclerosis and has been evaluated in over 1,500 patients with relapse MS. To determine your eligibility to participate in this study, you must pass a few tests and answer a few questions. You cannot participate in the study if you do not meet these prerequisites. You can discuss other research with your study doctor.

What Sets Us Apart

Our medical professionals will discuss with you other treatment choices including their benefits and risks if you decide to enroll in this study. Keep in mind that you are required to take screening tests before receiving treatment for your MS. There is no penalty or benefits lost if you decide not to participate or leave the study.

Excellence and Transparency

We are tenaciously driven to provide transparent clinical research studies to achieve our objectives.

Trust and Integrity

We uphold trust, communication, and integrity of the highest standards in pursuit of quality medications.

Result-Driven Studies

We encourage innovation to overcome obstacles and succeed by valuing experiences and ideas.

Achieve the Highest Standard of Clinical Trials

We work together to incorporate our clinical trials into a successful medication for the community. Our support for medical development and milestones is achieved through risk-free clinical research studies. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our medical expertise and practice caliber. Contact us to become part of our study.


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