APOLLOE4 Alzheimer’s Study

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With our latest clinical trials and comprehensive medical research, we aim to help people experiencing early-stage symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease from progressing.

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What Is APOLLO Study?

Cognitive functions will be monitored periodically by a researcher. APOLLOE4 is a phase III trial that examines how safe and effective the investigational medication ALZ-801 is for older people with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Additionally, they will take blood samples and imaging, including MRIs to follow the progress.

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Learn more about the APOLLOE4 study and an investigational tablet designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive condition that weakens memory and other mental abilities. During the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, common changes include frequent forgetfulness, difficulty with language, and trouble making plans or organizing. No cure exists, but current medications may temporarily help with your symptoms.

Eligible participants will receive the study drug for 18 months and close care and monitoring by an Alzheimer’s disease specialist at no cost. Reimbursement is available for study-related time and travel expenses.

Join Our APOLLOE4 Alzheimer’s Study!

Are you or a loved one experiencing memory loss that makes daily duties become more challenging to perform? 

At Bradenton Research Center, we are attempting to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease through the APOLLOE4 study. If you are dealing with memory loss and find routine chores more tedious, this study may be right for you. 

Participating in studies is voluntary, and all medical attention, care, and treatment are provided without additional cost. Contact us today.

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APOLLOE4 Alzheimer’s Study

Our team of medical experts conduct research studies on an investigational medication called ALZ-801 to evaluate and minimize the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. ALZ-801 has an excellent safety record and can be a hopeful choice for people with Alzheimer’s and their families.

By taking part in this study, you can help find the treatment that will slow Alzheimer’s progression. The research medication or placebo will be given to eligible participants for an 18-month period, along with supervision, continued ratings, bloodwork, and imaging.

Advantages of Participating in APOLLOE4 Alzheimer’s Study

Detection of early Alzheimer’s is tough, and you might not experience symptoms before learning you have it. The disease has a number of early warning signs and symptoms, such as forgetting anniversaries,  birthdays, or having trouble with a shopping list. Its causes are still not entirely known, but aging, family history, dementia, and other cardiovascular illnesses are common risk factors strongly associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

18-month access to a research medicine

An Alzheimer's disease expert will provide close attention and supervision

Opportunity to advance Alzheimer's disease treatment

Reimbursement for travel and time spent on research activities

Participate in a study today!

As part of the APOLLOE4 study, a well-studied investigational medicine is being tested to see if it can recede or slow Alzheimer’s disease from progressing. Current investigational drugs and medications help further study Alzheimer’s Disease, which impairs memory and other cognitive abilities. 

 You might be eligible for the APOLLOE4 study if you show signs of Alzheimer’s Disease in its early stages. Contact us today.


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